Ezekiel 21-28

21 - God is about to draw His sword and cut off Israel, for their sin. They will be desolate until He gives judgment to His anointed. Ammon will die and be forgotten.

22 - Israel's lewdness, dishonesty, and unjust shedding of innocent blood condemned. Israel is all dross, uncleansed, and will burn.
23 - Samaria was punished for her (spiritual) adulteries, and Judah will also be put to shame for her own.

24 - Note this day: Babylon besieged Jerusalem: she will burn for her sin
24 - Ezekiel's wife dies; he is commanded not to mourn, as Israel will not have opportunity to mourn when the temple is destroyed. [Note the temple is like the bride, as the Church is the bride of Christ!]

25 - Because the nations around Judah has reviled her and longed for her demise, God will strike them down, too. Ammon, Moab, Edom and Philistia

26-28 - Tyre is condemned for her defiled though prosperous trade, and her pride - making herself to be divine in her privileged position (shades of Lucifer, here).

28 - Sidon also shall fall by disease and sword; Israel will be restored without thorns and will live in safety

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