Old Testament Feasts - New Testament fulfillment

First, a very brief summary, from a Jamie Soles song

Sabbath, a rest, a holy rest
Passover, recall what God has done
Firstfruits, a feast of the first you’ve grown
Weeks, the harvest full has come
Trumpets, don’t work but bring your food
Atonement, afflict yourselves, no food
Booths, be in a happy mood
Keep the feast, be pleased, be good!

Here's just a bit more, to give you a hint how those feasts point ahead to Christ and our celebrations. Note that the first 4 events - crucifixion, resurrection, Pentecost - happened on the same day as the Jewish feasts.

1. Passover = sacrificial death of Lamb - cross
2. Unleavened bread - connected with Passover - clean out the yeast of sin = Jesus' unleavened (sinless) body cleanses us
3. Firstfruits = life/food from the ground - resurrection of Christ
4. Weeks = Pentecost 50 days later - giving of law celebrated. Spirit comes in Acts 2 in similar way to Sinai - earthquake, sound, etc
5. Trumpets = happy feast marking time, new year = return of Christ (with trumpets)
6. Atonement - day of affliction for remaining sin - judgment = throne of judgment
7. Booths/tabernacles/sukkot = to remember wilderness wandering and freedom from bondage = life in new earth free from sin

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