1 - Return to God.
1 - Jerusalem is laid waste, but God will restore and comfort her.
1 - the nations that scattered Osrael will themselves be scattered.
2 - Jerusalem will be restored, the nations plundered not the other way around
3 - God will remove Israel's sin in a day: vision of the high priest cleansed
4 - Zerubbabel will finish the temple, by God's Spirit, not by earthly power
5 - Flying scroll accuses Israel; woman in basket Israel's sin removed by exile
6 - Four chariots: God sees all the earth; Joshua the priest crowned prince
7 - Israel asks if they should fast; God: start doing justice and mercy, instead
8 - God promises to restore Zion: kids play in streets, peace between neighbors
8 - feasting instead of fasting; many peoples seek God in Zion
9 - the nations around Israel will fall; Israel's king will come and bring peace
10 - God will bring Israel back and restore strength
11 - shepherds who desert the flock condemned; the flock will be destroyed
12 - God will destroy nations that come against Jerusalem
12 - when they mourn the One they pierce a fountain of cleansing will be opened
13 - false prophecy will cease; the shepherd struck and 2/3 of the sheep scatter
13 - the rest will call on God and be saved
14 - the nations shall be punished in a cataclysmic event at Jerusalem; Israel restored to right worship and holiness

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