Ezekiel 13-20

13-prophets who give false visions&encourage superstition condemned
14 - hypocrisy of cherishing idols while seeking Ezekiel's prophecy
14 - not even the most righteous intercessors could deliver Jerusalem
15 - Jerusalem is like the wood of a vine, useless except for burning

16 - God rescued the throw away baby girl Israel, and married her when she grew up. But she paid other nations to come commit adultery with her. God will punish her, but then restore her to Him with an everlasting covenant that atones for her sins.

17 - Israel was like a fruitful tree but will be cut down for casting off God's correction by going to Egypt for help against Assyria.

18 - Each person is responsible for his own faithfulness to God. God is just, doesn't want us to die, and calls us to repent.

19 - Israel raised up some fine rulers, but they have been carried off to Egypt and Babylon.

20 - Israel asks for God's Word. They rebelled before, during and after the exodus, and He had mercy. But they continue, so He will give them no word. If you want to worship idols, go ahead, but I'll remove you from Zion, where Israel will worship me. You will remember and loathe yourself for your sins.

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