Ezekiel 29-34

29 - Egypt thinks she made the Nile, so I give her to Babylon for plunder. Egypt will be desolate 40 years, and never become great again.

30 -
God will make Egypt and her allies fall by Babylon's arm.

31 - Egypt was a tall beautiful tree in God's garden, but will be cut down for exalting itself.

32 - Egypt has fallen and lies with other nations taken by Babylon.

33 - Ezekiel must give Israel God's message or be guilty of their demise.
God's judgment is fair, allowing for repentance.
Word of Jerusalem's fall arrives. Survivors still expect to possess the land, and God says they will not, for their sins. The exiles listen to you, but don't do what I tell them through you.

34 - the flock has scattered because the shepherds fed themselves. God will take the sheep from them, come Himself to seek and save the sheep, judge between them, and restore them.

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