20 Socks/10 Pairs in 2010

Pair number 1 is finished! Pattern: "Kai-Mei" from the book "Sock Innovation", designed by Cookie A.
Began: Jan 16, 2010; Finished: Jan 31, 2010
These socks are unique because they introduce a lace "heart" pattern on the gusset (side of heel). The gusset is usually a sock "no man's land" that is purely functional and never considered as design space. This sock designer, however, breaks the rules and starts the lace pattern here, then moves it across the top of the foot. This is accomplished by decreasing on one side of the lace panel and increasing on the opposite side. It's an elegant solution resulting in a lovely sock! And yes, there is a "right" and "left" sock since the design is assymmetrical.

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