Job 15-20

Job 15 - Eliphaz: you're a fool and a sinner, and talking like both. Man can't be righteous before God. The wicked are punished in this life.

16-17 - Job: You are miserable comforters." God assails me, and you scorn me. Yet I plead before Him and cry out to Him. You are denouncing me, but I cling to my righteousness.

18 - Bildad: be sensible, Job, or shut up. The wicked do get punished in this life.

19 - Job: you are crushing me with words, when God has wronged me. Have pity on me. I know my redeemer lives; my hope is in God.

20 - Zophar: I'm offended by your rebuke, Job. The wicked are punished in this life.

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