Job 1-7

Job 1 - Job is righteous and wealthy. God allows Satan to test Job's faith by removing his wealth and family. Job grieves but worhsips and doesn't blame God.

2 - God points out Job's continued righteousness to Satan. Satan claims it would change if Job were personally hurt. God allows it. Even Jos't wife turns against him, but Job accepts "evil" from god as well as good. His 3 friends arrive.

3 - Job: I'd rather be dead, never even born. I'd rather be in Hades.

4-5 - Eliphaz: Why are you discouraged in trouble, when you have encouraged so many others in trouble? The innocent are not destroyed. Are you saying you know better than God what to do with your life? Appeal to Him. He is sovereign, and restores those He chastens.

6-7 - Job: I'm in anguish with good reason. I still wish God would kill me, rather than afflict me, because I haven't blasphemed Him yet, and I can't take much more. Friends should help in trouble, but you aren't helping. Show me my wrong. Life is futile pain, these days. Why are you doing this to me, God?

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