Job 8-14

Job 8 - Bildad: Don't charge God with injustice. Your kids got what they deserved for their sin. Life is short and frail. But God will restore you if you are righteous.

9-10 - Job: How can I speak with God or make myself righteous before Him? Why are You doing this? What have I done? Let me die in peace!

11 - Zophar: you're getting less than you deserve, sinner! If you were really righteous you could lift up your face.

12-14 - Job: I'm as wise as you. Why is there injustice, and God ordains it so? He is sovereign. But you are "worthless physicians." I will trust God "though He slay me." Remove Your heavy hand from me and tell me what I've done. What hope does man have in his sin?

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