Gen 42-50

Gen 42 - Jacob sends his sons to Egypt for food. Joseph hides his identity from them, imprisons one and sends the rest back with food, to see if Jacob will favor Benjamin over Simeon. Jacob still plays favorites, though Reuben intercedes.

43 - When the famine worsens, Judah intercedes and Jacob relents. The brothers go to Egypt, and eat with Joseph, who receives them favorably, and sends them away with food.

44 - But then he contrives to get Benjamin in legal trouble, and hauls them back. Judah intercedes, showing Joseph they have changed and are now willing to sacrifice themselves for each other and for their father.

45 - Joseph reveals himself to his brothers, and sends to bring Jacob to Egypt, too.

46 - Jacob goes to Egypt and his descendants are listed. Jacob sends Judah in the lead to show the way.

47 - Joseph settles his family in Goshen, and saves the Egyptians from the famine.

48 - Jacob asks Joseph to bury him in Canaan, he passes God's covenant promises on to Joseph, and blesses his sons, preferring the second to the first born as God did with him over Esau.

49 - Jacob prophesies of all 12 of his sons, summarizing their character, giving the rule to Judah forever.

50 - Jacob dies and his sons bury him in Canaan, and come back to Egypt. The brothers continue the family tradition of scheming to fix things, but Joseph breaks the cycle with the right mix of God's sovereignty and grace. Joseph dies and is embalmed in Egypt.

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