Job 21-28

Job 21 - Job: The wicked DO prosper. So don't mock me or "comfort" me with empty words.

22 - Eliphaz: you have sinned, and need to repent; that's why you are suffering.

23-24 - Job: I want to appeal to God, but "I cannot perceive Him." I've been faithful to Him. Meanwhile, wickedness continues on the earth and victims suffer.

25 - Bildad: man can't be righteous before God. He is too great, and we are like worms.

26-28 - Job: how have you helped me? Who is speaking through you, Satan? Of course God is great and sovereign. I am righteous, you are my enemies. And as you've been saying, God will get His enemies in the end. Wisdom is more precious and harder to find than gold: it is the fear of the Lord.

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