Job 29-37

Job 29-31 - Job: Oh, for the days when I prospered with my family and was respected and followed in the gate. "But now they mock at me, men younger than I." They dishonor me; God turns His back on me. I have received evil for the good I have done in life. I've been faithful to my wife, done justice among my servants, provided for the poor, not idolized my wealth, not covered up secret sin, nor oppressed the land or my employees.

32-37 - Elihu: I'm younger than you, so waited to speak. But you haven't answered Job as needed, so I'll try. You shouldn't plead your righteousness when you suffer, for God is greater than man. He will redeem and reward graciously after death those who suffer here. Job says God has wronged him, but God wrongs no one. So Job is in rebellion, self-righteously justifying himself against God. God is good and just. He is also powerful over the whole earth, and we should tremble to summon Him so we can speak for our cause.

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