Genesis 6-11

Genesis 6 - The godly seed mixes with the ungodly, and God wouldn't tolerate the great evil that resulted. Noah pleased God, so God has him prepare an ark to preserve His family from the coming flood.

7 - Some of every kind of animal go into the ark, with Noah and his wife, his 3 sons and their wives. The 40 day rain from above and springs opened from below covers the whole earth with water and everything drowns.

8 - Noah is safe in the ark, waits it out, then sends birds to see if there is any plant life to live on. Once off, Noah sacrifices clean animals, and God makes a covenant to keep a natural order.

9 - He also promises not to flood the earth again (sign of the rainbow), gives Noah animals to eat, and establishes the death penalty. Ham is cursed to serve Shem when he mocks Noah to his brothers, after Noah gets drunk.

10 - The lineage of 70 nations from Shem, Ham and Japheth is listed.

11 - Mankind tries to reach to heaven on its own unity and power. God foils them by confusing their language. Shem's lineage is recounted down to Abram. He moves with his father and brother from Ur (around Babylon/Iraq) to Haran (around Syria).

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