St.Distaff is stingy

The spinning blitz on St. Distaff's Day ended well. I had a full spindle of the lurvliest red merino singles, then I dove in and wrapped it all up around my wrist as the photo shows in progress - all 64 yards. That's one mighty field goal and a good coupla hours of work twisted up about my arm. I was a bit nervous, shall we say. Nervous that my husband would come home and find me tied up in red yarn, snivelling on the floor. That crazy Andean-plying method actually worked! The only downside is that I'm literally tied to my spinning until it's finished.

This morning I washed and hung my skein on a plant hook over the sink, weighted it with the pump soap dispenser hung from the bottom of the skein, and paused a bit for it to dry. A few hours later I had 34 yards of sweet lace yarn.

That's it. 34 yards. Sheesh! Barely enough to knit a racy bookmark. St. Distaff is pretty stingy, but his magic works in that entrancing little spinning whorl. Draws you in, calling for more. The spindle is nearly full again! Here comes another 34 yards - end zone nowhere in sight.

A small triangular lace shawl takes about 450 yards of lace yarn. It'll take me longer to spin the yarn than to knit it! Now to experiment with the speed of the spindle wheel - gotta love the 200:1 spin ratio on that baby! Vrrrroom!

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