Gen 23-28

Gen 23 - Sarah dies. Abraham buys his first piece of land: a cave to bury her in, near Hebron.

24 - Abraham seeks a wife for Isaac from his brother's family back in Haran. God leads the servant to Rebekah, by her generous service.

25 -Abraham's children by other wives: Midian by Keturah; Abraham dies; Ishmael's 12 sons by Hagar; Isaac and Rebekah have Esau and Jacob. Esau sells Jacob his birthright for some food when he is hungry.

26 - Isaac prospers before the Canaanites.
They oppress him; he bears it patiently.
The Lord continues to prosper Isaac, so that the Canaanites come to him seeking him as an ally. But Esau takes Hittite wives.

27 - Rebekah and Jacob thwart Isaac's attempt to give Esau the birthright blessing. Esau intends to kill Jacob after Isaac dies; Rebekah gets Jacob sent to Laban to find a wife.

28 - Isaac sends Jacob to Laban, with Abraham's blessing.
Esau takes another wife from Ishmael's children to try to please his father.
God appears to Jacob (the ladder) and promises to bless him.

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