Veritable Cornucopia of events in these last days of 2009

So in the last few days we...

went to Lowe's twice
got a new light over our kitchen table (NOT from Lowe's)
painted a bookshelf
took a vacation from email
smiled at the kids' singing: "Deck the halls with bras of holly" "Park the herald angels, sing"
finished reading the Bible as a family
took 2 children in for ear infections (NOT to Lowe's)
bought 4 bottles of medicine
finished reading Caddie Woodlawn to the kids
found the Wise Men for the nativity set
OD'ed on fudge and sugar
opened about 35 presents (none from Lowe's)
inaugurated the era of remote controlled cars
set up about 9 doctor appointments
cleaned Steve's desk, and got it messy again
played 125 board games - Sorry, Stratego, Candyland, Monopoly, Woolly Bully, Guess the Marvel Action Hero
chanted our advent chant 25 times
got up to the 7th day of Christmas in the song so far

... and a par- tri- dge in a pear tree!

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