Gen 29-36

Gen 29 - Jacob meets Rachel, works 14 years for Laban for Leah and Rachel

30 - Jacob has 11 sons and his flocks increase, partly by his an dhis wives' scheming, under God's sovereignty.

31 - Jacob flees from Laban with all he has. Laban catches up. They argue about who owns the family and flocks. Laban finally agrees to separate.

32 - Esau comes to meet Jacob, who thinks Esau will attack. He tries to prevent harm to his family and flocks. Jacob wrestles the angel, and now limps.

33 - Esau is benign. Jacob gives him a gift, but does not go with him. He buys some land outside Shechem.

34 - Jacob's daughter Dinah is raped and held by the prince of the city. It looks like a peace can be arranged, but each is scheming against the other. Simeon and Levi kill all the men when they are vulnerable.

35 - God sends Jacob back to Bethel, where He renews His covenant with Jacob. Rachel dies, delivering the 12th son, Benjamin. Isaac dies.

36 - Esau moves away from Jacob to Seir. His descendants listed.

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