Genesis 1-5

I've decided to summarize my daily readings, like I did last year with Calvin's Institutes, for my Bible reading. This will be roughly chronological...

Genesis 1 - God creates all things in heaven and earth in 6 days, ordered, filled, declared good, and blessed to multiply.

2 - God creates Adam, puts him in a garden to tend it, and gives him a helper-wife.

3 - The serpent tempts Eve and they sin by eating the forbidden fruit. God seeks them out, curses the natural order in man's work and in woman's childbearing. Yet in mercy He clothes them, and promises the serpent He will be defeated in the end, by the woman's Descendant.

4 - Cain is born, then Abel. Cain gets jealous of Abel's offering and kills Abel. God confronts and curses Cain. Cain builds a city; human culture advances, but so does depravity. A new child of promise is born: Seth.

5 - The lineage of Adam to Noah is recounted. They all died.

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