Creative process

I'm up to my eyeballs in the Chix logo - presented first & second drafts, now we're in the "tightening up" phase getting the last nuances hammered out. It's gruelling. Being an artist and being a commissioned artist are very, very different things. When you have a client's satisfaction at stake, personal artistic feelings need to be subordinated to a degree.

I'm discovering (again) how challenging it can be to align my design ideas with the working reality of life. After all, this chicken needs to work for preschoolers, grandparents, AND raise money. Who wants to buy a t-shirt with an ugly chicken on it? Who determines what is a good looking chicken? I guess that's mostly up to me, as long as I meet the requirements of the team I'm working for.

It's not nuclear submarines, but it's sure starting to feel like it!

I'm off to buy some Peeps... marshmallow chickens, whodda thunk it?

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  1. So which one of the ones you posted back in February did they select?