Mommy All Day Long

One of our kids' favorite library books is entitled "Daddy All Day Long" - it's essentially a counting book where little Owen pig starts his day with dad by saying "Daddy, I love you more than chocolate milk." The two go back and forth expressing their love in simple objects from 1 to 10 (I love you more than two pancakes with bananas on top.... I love you more than 4 pushes on the big swing...).

It warms my heart too, and not just because we have our own little [pig] named Owen. I had to remember that book today because it was "mommy all day long" while Steve worked and had a consistory/session meeting this evening. I had to look past my aching pregnant back and my son's pooped-in pants *ugh* to see my children's simple expressions of love.

Like my daughter turning a drawing of a princess and knight I did for her into a super-detailed rendering of every masonry block in the castle walls, completely obliterating everything I had drawn. I saw her love in each misshapen stone.

And Owen eating 3 large bowls of mac-n-cheese at noon (reference book above!) showed his appreciation for my work in the kitchen. OK, mac isn't that much of a culinary challenge, but it's still requires remedial motor and mental skills.

In our busy house it's easy for me to overlook these and expect grand demonstrations of appreciation and love. There's not a lot of kudos given to moms of preschoolers! Let's face it, they're a tough clientele to keep happy some days. And as soon as I think that, the Spirit turns in my heart and I'm reminded of how unappreciative I can be of what my Father has/is doing for me. Often I think I deserve 55-gallon barrel sized blessings dropping from heaven to have evidence of His love. But things like the sun rising every day are simple, oft-overlooked messages of care from Him each morning. So as I look for my kids' expressions of love to me in the little things, I am reminded to search out the little love notes from my Father each day.

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  1. A great reminder to slow down and appreciate the little things. It's so easy to get caught up in the daily tasks of life and miss out on so much! Thanks, Sara.