Q&A on homosexual "marriage"

From Coral Ridge Ministries (D. James Kennedy):

Q: Isn't it everyone's right to marry if they so desire?
A: No. Marriage is not a "right" under the law. As columnist Thomas Sowell and others have rightly observed, marriage is actually a restriction. For example, in may states, if a husband buys something, the wife automatically owns half of it. It is a limitation of our freedom. Marriage laws take numerous decisions "out of our hands," Sowell says.

Q: Then why would homosexual activists want their lives restricted by the legalization of same-sex marriage?
A: Because the activists actually want "official social approval of their lifestyle," to quote columnist Sowell. This, however, is the opposite of "equal rights." "If you have a right to someone else's approval," Sowell says, "then they do not have a right to their own opinions and values."

Q: Why shouldn't we be tolerant of homosexual marriage?
A: Princton scholar Robert P. George puts it this way: "To justifiy same-sex marriage on e must abandon the concept of marriage as a one-flesh union of sexually complementary spouses. But if we embrace the idea that marriage is fundamentally an emotional union of people who find their relationship enhanced by mutually agreeable sex acts of any type - we eliminate the rational groudnd for restricting marriage to two people.... People who accept same-sex 'marriage' have no basis of principle for opposing polygamy, group marriage, promiscuity (open marriages), and the like. What then is left of marriage? Nothing."


  1. Steve,

    Can you source this so I can put it on the RCA Dialogue blog?

    Scott N

  2. I couldn't find it on Coral Ridge's website (www.coralridge.org); it was a hard copy mailing that a relative passed on to me. There were several more questions - the context was supporting a Marriage Amendment to the Constitution. The Princeton quote was especially cool. I'll write 'em and get the sources...