Jesus in 1 Kings 13

I love my Nestle-Aland Greek New Testament for the OT reference section in the back. There are often connections that aren't in your typical cross-referenced Bible. Here's one.

When Joseph comes to ask for the body of Jesus, it references 1 Kings 13:29. At first I couldn't make much out of it, but on closer inspection, and a typological reading of Scripture, here's my thoughts:

Throughout 1 Kings 13, this man of God is a type of Christ.

He prophesies that the temple will fall and rebukes the rulings priests, as did Jesus.

A false prophet deceives the man of God and ends up getting him killed. This is (loosely, I admit!) Judas and Caiaphas together. Of course there was no disobedience on Jesus' part, as there was here (vs 21).

Another member of the same body that condemns Jesus (Joseph of Arimathea maybe; Nicodemus for sure) comes and takes the body, and buries Him in his own tomb, as an expression of his belief in the truth of the Prophet.

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  1. That's interesting. I've never seen that connection before. I've always wondered about that passage . It seemed odd how the man of God was faithful, and then disobedient (although deceived), and then "honored" as he was.

    Seeing it in a Christological light seems to make sense.