Informal poll

Is this a productivity tool, or a time and money-wasting gadget? I'm thinking about getting one, to listen to podcasts, and for more convenient listening of my MP3 and CD library. Is it worth it? I notice accesories are a bit pricey, but it syncs with Outlook, so I can have a portable calendar and contacts again, after having a hard time with Palm software...


  1. It's both a productivity tool, and a time and money wasting gadget.

    My wife and kids each own one and they love the control that the Ipod gives them over their music libraries and the portability of it! If I had one, I would use it to store photos from my digital camera.

  2. All productivity devices impede productivity (e.g., Palm Pilots).

    This little device, however, is a thing of beauty (which is a joy forever, my man Keats said). I have around 1400 songs on mine, and can take them anywhere.

    Of course, I am an Apple addict, & severely biased as the iPod looks so cool next to my iMac.

  3. No idea which it is, very likely both. Having an mp3 player in our car and van, I have little use for one. I even have a portable mp3 cd player that I have used for years. I know an Ipod is much more than that, but so far I have had little desire to get one. Of course I don't have a Palm or other PDA style device either. I just cart my laptop with me :)

  4. I'm with Jim.

    I actually use an ultra compact notebook 24/7. I take it everywhere (no, not to bed). It has all my music, all my movies, all my pictures, and all my data/email/etc.

  5. Anonymous2:14 PM

    do you use earbuds to listen to it? i just heard a report that extended use of those can contribute to hearing loss... but i don't have any personal experience! -val

  6. It's probably either/both depending on how you use it.

    I've used a Palm Pilot and now a Dell Axim for years and I couldn't live w/o it. But I used a paper organizer before that. (BTW, ask me how I ended up buying the Dell some time) :(

    If you are looking at mp3 players, I understand Ligonier Ministries has some kind of offer where you can buy it through them and it comes with gobs and gobs of RC Sproul sermons, etc. on it. You might want to check that out.