It's a (Chicken) Wrap

Finally - the Zeeland Chix logo is officially done and handed off to the administration. That means our blogees get to see the long awaited finished product!

This has been one of the most challenging logos I've ever worked on. Unique subject matter, historical traditions to blend in, and being too close to the project to have a fresh look at it from the beginning (Zeeland was one of the teams my high school competed against). I've wrestled with this one and am very satisfied with the end result. I think it's a good note to end my design career on. I've had the opportunity to design so many different things: Detroit Auto Show displays, high school mascots, race car graphics, t-shirts, church logos, multi-media interactive CDs and more. Four kids and homeschooling will be the focus of my creative efforts from now on....maybe I can design a mascot logo for our Hemmeke homeschool?? I can see it now - the Hemmeke Hedgehogs (maybe).


  1. That's great.

    Now, they need to have you do one for the Dux.

    What this told me growing up in Allendale (where my dad was the first Varsity boys BB coach, and lasted for 30 years!):

    1.) People in Zeeland can't spell.
    2.) They tried to tie their mascot into local industry, but somehow clocks and office chairs just didn't make the cut.
    3.) Falcons eat chix.


  2. I did do the Dux logo in 2002! Ha!