OT in Luke 1

You'll notice in the sidebar that I found 177 trans-testament references in my Scripture reading today. That's not a mistake.

Over 150 of them are from the 80 verses of Luke 1, which I found during this past Advent, studying for sermons.

Of course, that includes the Magnificat, Zacharias' prophecy, Gabriel, etc., but still, that's an amazing amount of linkage from OT to NT.


  1. Rogue monk,

    Connect the dots for me, what do you mean, pass?

  2. Um....when I posted last night, the thread was called "test". So I was aksing if I passed. ;)

  3. I've never tried to count them, but 177 actually seems surprisingly low to me.

    But I'm sure it's quite enough to bug the Dispensationalists. ;-)