Shawl Update

32 of 115 edging repeats finished - only 14,110 stitches until completion!

The last skein of yarn is purchased and ready to be knit up to finish this bad boy. Oh yeah, I also purchased 3 skeins of a pink cotton blend and ordered 11 more in a dk teal for a shrug for myself... after what hubby purchased recently, I've got a long-term green light for yarn purchases! Hee hee!

And I'm warming up to our 4 year old's idea: Steve buys a few sheep for us to keep in our backyard. Then we can shear, card and spin the wool to make our own yarn. That would cut down on lawn mowing, too.


  1. Buying sheep??? You'd better watch out or you'll end up going all "agrarian". ;-)

  2. So Steve decided to get an I-pod. I would rather have a Blackberry or something that I can run software on like a PDA, but to each their own. I guess now Steve has to get downloading stuff. He is a good place to start Click Get downloading!

  3. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Steve, I know you bought that just because Bono's picture was on it... :)

    And Sara, I meant to tell you that our friends in your neck of the woods actually DO own sheep and long-haired rabbits and they actually DO shear them and spin the wool! You could probably buy it off them if you would want... until, of course, you get your own, though I'm not so sure how the sheep-grazing idea would go over in a sub-division!