Communion exhortation - 8/10/08

Getting a bit behind on these. I'll try to catch up slowly...

Sermon text: John 5:25 - on the New Covenant, from Pentecost to Consummation

The resurrection of Jesus is the first fruits of our own. It is tied to ours, since we are in Christ. Likewise, Jesus connects this meal with the feast in the kingdom at the end of time. He will not drink of this fruit of the vine until He does so in His Father’s Kingdom. Christ’s rising is a guarantee of our rising. The Spirit’s presence with us is a guarantee of our coming inheritance with the saints. And this meal is a guarantee and foretaste of the coming kingdom feast. God gives us a vision of what is coming, a partial fulfillment, right now. We are called to live like it’s coming, and even now is, in a broken world until He comes. Have regard for each member; discern the body as we partake. At the great feast, are you going to huddle over your plate, eyes closed, to be spiritual? Or will you share the life and joy of Christ with those around you? Start sharing His benefits with each other now. Take these table manners to your tables this noon. Take them to your family table, and to your neighbor.

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