John 13-17

Jesus washes the disciples' feet, teaching them that His ministry is one of service, and theirs in Him name must be as well. Judas will betray Him, but they must love each other.

Jesus teaches the disciples that He is going to the Father, and He is their way to the Father. When He leaves, He will send the Spirit to them. They need to abide in Him by keeping His commandment, which is to love each other, even when the world hates them. The Spirit will be at work, convicting the world of this, teaching the disciples what to say, and leading them into truth. Jesus has overcome the world, so no fear.

Jesus prays for the greater glory of the Father and Son, for eternal life for us, which is knowing the Father and Son, for our protection from evil and sanctification, for our unity in the Triune fellowship, and for us to be with Him and know Him in His glory.

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