Chapter 1
God calls Israel to return. 4 horsemen patrol the earth and find the nations at rest, while Jerusalem lies desolate. God promises to return and comfort Zion, and punish the nations. The horns that scattered Israel will themselves be scattered.

Chapter 2
Jerusalem is measured. But her inhabitants will spread beyond her borders, for many nations will join with Yahweh. He has roused Himself to favor Israel.

Chapter 3
Joshua, the high priest of Israel, is favored and cleansed by God, in spite of Satan's accusations. This can happen because the Branch will come and remove the sin of the land in one day.

Chapter 4
The two anointed ones (messiahs) give light to Israel, the source of which is the Spirit, not might or power. Zerubbabel started the building of the temple, and he would finish it.

Chapter 5
Israel's false swearing is placarded before all heaven on a large banner in the sky.
Wicked Israel is carried off to Babylon in a basket in the sky.

Chapter 6
This time, the patrolling 4 horsemen find God's Spirit at rest, instead of the nations.
Some of the exiles crown Joshua, high priest, uniting kingship and priesthood.

Chapter 7
When Israel asks if they should continue a traditional fast, when times have changed from lamentation to joy. God answers that more important than the outward practice of personal piety, is the heart attitude leading to true outward godliness in mercy and justice.

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