Luke 12-13

Jesus warns against the Pharisees' who will continue to oppose His disciples. Don't fear them.
Jesus warns against storing up treasure on earth, instead of in heaven.
Jesus warns against slackness over His delayed return. His coming brings division and strife, but many can't even recognize His coming.
Israel is going the wrong direction, not bearing fruit. They need to repent; they need tending, digging and fertilizing.
Jesus heals on the Sabbath again. This is a favorite work of His. It frees God's people from Satan, while also convicting the Pharisees of their errors, and discrediting them before the people.
Enter by the narrow gate: many are presuming falsely they are saved based on wrong criteria. Many will enter who we wouldn't think would. Jerusalem rejects God's prophets and so will be judged and left desolate (again, like Babylon is described in the OT).

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