Daniel 10-12

Chapter 10 - Daniel sees a strong man/angel, who is in the midst of spiritual struggle against the prince of Persia. Daniel is undone before the angel's presence, but receives strength from him.

Chapter 11
The rich king in verse 2 is likely the Xerxes that Esther marries. He attacked Greece. Verse 4 describes Alexander the Great's kingdom split into 4 at his death. The rest of the chapter details the conflict between 2 of those 4 provinces - the Syrian and Egyptian - and how it ravages Israel caught between them. Antiochus Ephiphanes comes on the scene in verses 20 and following. His war against Egpyt is detailed, and then his persecution of the Jews (30-45).

Chapter 12
In spite of all this turmoil coming, God will deliver His saints, raising them to life. The wise will give some understanding to the rest, in the midst of it. They will have rest at the end. Wait for it.

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