Typical Sunday

Some people wonder what it's really like at "the pastor's house." When I was growing up I was so curious about this - the pastor's family seemed shrouded in mystery. So to blow away any ideas you might have about the little ones reciting Calvin's "Institutes" before they can walk, let me give you a glimpse into a typical Sunday morning:

First, we start the day with great attitudes and try to be respectful for worship.

Then, a little group singing time around the piano is helpful to focus our thoughts. Everyone plays their favorite song - all at the same time! It's more efficient.

Then, after Daddy's done a great job preaching, we all come home for some much-needed nap time. Some of us need naps AFTER nap time.
See, not much different from your home, right?


  1. that was cute...and hey...much like our household! :)

  2. Adorable! Sundays have always been for naps at our house.