Matthew 22; Mark 12

Parables that convict the Jews rejecting Jesus:

God's standards for the wedding feast are embarrassingly low to us: anybody off the street who will come. Some who are there don't know the basic requirements and will be thrown out.

The Pharisees, who hate Rome, and the Herodians, who love Rome, join forces against Jesus. They try to trap Him over taxes, but He eludes them with wise words.

Then the two parties divide again, and try separate attacks. The Saduccees ridicule the resurrection, but they are gravely mistaken, not understanding the transformation of social life in the regeneration, nor even the nature of the God of Abraham. The Pharisees question Him, it turns out they are very closely in agreement, something often overlooked in Gospel studies.

Jesus then turns the tables and questions them. Who will the Messiah be, anyway? Just a son of David, or someone greater than David? Psalm 110 proves it is the latter, which confounds everyone and sends them away wondering.

Jesus compares positively the unknown piety of the poor widow to the false piety for show of the Pharisees.

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