Luke 18-19; John 12

Jesus restores Zacchaeus, who offers restitution with his repentance. Interesting it isn't said that he gave up his tax collecting profession, though Matthew did to follow Jesus.

Jesus tells the 10 talents/minas parable to encourage us to serve Him until He comes, and not expect immediate Kingdom consummation.

Jesus eats with Mary, Martha and Lazarus in Bethany. Mary gives an extragant offering to Him. Judas protests selfishly, using the poor as a facade for his embezzling.

The priests plot to kill Lazarus, with Jesus, which is hilarious. Jesus already raised him to life once. Why do they think He couldn't do it again? The whole world was going after Him: Greeks were seeking Him, too. Yet the Jews are confused about who He is. They are divided, many believing, even among the rulers, and many rejected Him. Those who reject Him will be judged on the last day, but for now, Jesus has come to save the world, not judge it.

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