Matthew 8:1-13; Luke 7; Matt 11

Matthew 8:1-13
A couple healings continue the authority theme. Jesus sends a leper to the temple to fulfill the Old Covenant law regarding healings (Leviticus 14). A centurion shows he believes in Jesus' authority, understanding something of that authority in his vocation.

Luke 7 ; Matt 11
Unlike Elisha, whose dead bones caused an accidental resurrection amidst a funeral procession, Jesus intentionally resurrects a man amidst a procession. He is the greater Elisha, bringing a double measure of the Spirit to revive Israel and convict her leaders of their idolatry. John was Elijah, going before Elisha, but Jesus was what they were looking for. What made John question if Jesus was the one? Was it something He was NOT doing, like freeing prisoners, bringing justice/freedom to Israel?

Jesus blesses great sinners who come to Him unreservedly. But those who aren't sure about Jesus, and have Him around, but keep Him at a distance, He convicts.

Those with more exposure to Jesus have a harsher judgment if they reject Him. The wise and understanding reject Him, but the insignificant tend to receive Him. Come to Him and rest.

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