Chapter 1
God has chosen Jacob instead of Esau, yet Jacob does not return honor to God. Her sacrifices are impure, half-hearted, and despised.

Chapter 2
The priests have despised God and corrupted the covenant He made with them, so God will despise the priests before the people. Israel has been faithless to her God, through unfaithfulness in her marriages.

Chapter 3
The messenger of the covenant will come and purify the priests, offering clean sacrifice. He will witness against the unrighteous. Israel has been robbing God by holding back the full tithe from God. God-fearers in Israel speak to each other, and God takes note, promising the difference between them and the wicked will one day again be visible and obvious.

Chapter 4
The wicked will become stubble, and the righteous will shine brightly, with the Son.
Remember the law of Moses.
I send you the last prophet, Elijah. Listen to him, or your land will be cursed.
In the regeneration, fathers hearts will be toward their children, and children to fathers.

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