Luke 8; Mark 4

It is a little known fact that Jesus was funded in part by some women, one of whom was the wife of Herod's butler, along with an intriguing "many others."

Jesus crosses to the Gentile side of Galilee. When a storm comes up, He rebukes the wind and waves, as He rebuked many demons. Like them, the wind and waves flee. Jesus controls the demons and He controls Satan's destructive winds (Job 1:18-19).

Jesus drives out the (Roman) "Legion" of demons and sends them into the lake, in the Gentile sacrificial pig, to the same place the demonic wind and waves went. Jesus honors the Gentiles' request for Him to leave (?), but the demoniac stays as a witness to His power.

Jesus heals a 12-year long bleeding problem, and raises a daughter from the dead. This Man has authority and power (Matt 28:18).

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