Communion Exhortation - 9/28/08

Text: Ecc 2:12-3:15

We come to this table in worship to receive from Jesus Christ. Sitting down to dinner is an act of receiving. You eat, you drink, you enjoy. A worship service is first God serving us, giving us His Son, through His Word and sacraments. It is first about what God does for us, then about our response. If we recoil from this, saying, no no worship is what we do, then we are just like Peter sitting at the table with Jesus before him, towel in hand: “you shall never wash me, Jesus!” No, you must receive baptism, you must receive the washing, you must receive the bread and wine, all b/c you must receive Christ. Of course, we don’t deserve this service for us. That is the point. But He wants you to have it anyway. Receive it humbly and with gratitude. He died for you. Receive Him, believing you need Him. He rose for you. Live and abide in Him, as you rest in His work, and prepare to return to yours.

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