Matt 26; Mark 14; Luke 22; John 18

The priests determine to kill Jesus.

Judas determines to betray Him to them.

Jesus determines to offer up His life as the Passover Lamb.

He prays for another way, though, for it will be an ordeal to bear His Father's wrath against all the sins of the redeemed.

Judas leads the temple police (and Romans?) to Him, and they arrest Him, but events show that He is in control, not the arrestors. Still, the disciples flee when He is taken. The priests try to convict Jesus on false and conflicting charges. He questions their process of questioning Him (John 18). They go for the jugular, asking Him point blank if He is Messiah. They have ruled out the possibility He IS, so a "Yes" will be automatic blasphemy. Jesus quotes Daniel, referring to Himself and looking forward to His Ascension to the Father. They condemn Him, hand Him over to be abused. Peter sees the writing on the wall and knows His life is in danger if He identifies with Jesus. He caves in.

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