1 Corinthians 9-16

9 - Paul has a right to live off the Gospel, but doesn't want to, to win more for Christ. Run to win.

10 - Israel was baptized and communed with Christ, yet fell away in sin. You are baptized and commune with Christ, too, so take heed. Give glory to God and eat what you want, but be sensitive to the weak conscience of others.

11 - maintain proper male/female distinction in worship (a woman's longer hair is her covering, her way of saying she is under authority. Don't be divisive in worship. Commune with regard for each other and for Christ, or He will discipline you.

12 - there are various gifts from one Spirit, as there are many members in one Body. The gifts and members need each other and should not despise each other.

13 - Without love you have nothing; what love is; it will last beyond other gifts, and defines the maturity as opposed to childishness.

14 - tongues are not forbidden, but also not very edifying, which is the point of spiritual gifts. Keep worship orderly: one thing at a time, so all may learn from each. This is authoritative: reject one who rejects it.

15 - most important: Christ died, was raised, and appeared to us. There IS a resurrection of the dead. If not, your faith and all my work is in vain. But our mortal bodies will be raised, transformed into incorruptible glory, defeating death. So our work is NOT in vain.

16 - take regular offerings on Sundays. I need to stay in Ephesus right now, but will come to you soon. Respect Timothy and other forefathers among you. Do all in love. The churches greet you.

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