Acts 20-23

Paul heads for Jerusalem. First stop, Troas. Preaches all night. Eutyches falls through the window, dies, and raised to life. Farewell to Ephesians elders: shepherd the flock.

Voyage to Caesarea. Prophecies of Paul's arrest. Arrival and meeting with James, who asks Paul to sponsor some mens' purification rites, as proof that he is not against Jews keeping the law. He does but a riot starts when he is seen in the temple. He is taken by roman soldiers to the barracks for safety and questioning, but he asks in Greek to speak to the crowd.

Paul recounts his Damascus road exp with the Lord Christ, but they don't get upset until he says God said to go to the Gentiles. They riot and the Roman soldier on command sends him to be flogged for questioning and confession. He gets out of it by saying he's a Roman citizen.

The Roman tribune sends him before Sanhedrin to figure it out. Paul gets the Pharisee party on his side. Jews conspire to kill him when he is moved. Paul uncovers the plot and tells the tribune. He sends Paul to Governor Felix in Caesarea with full security.

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