Revelation 6-11

6 - 1st 4 seals: 4 horsemen who bring conquest, war, famine, and death to earth.
6 - seal 5: martyrs in heaven cry for justice.
6 - seal 6: The earth is shaken and its kings fear the wrath of the Lamb.
7 - God's people all completely sealed before the earth harmed
7 - saints worship God and the Lamb in glory, free of all trial and pain.
8 - Seal 7 opened: silence while prayers are heard
8 - 1st 4 trumpets bring destruction to 1/3 of earth.
9 - 5th: Giant locusts come out of a pit and torment unbelievers for a time
9 - 6th: Armies invade from the east
10 - A mighty angel comes down and says all will be done by the 7th angel's trumpet; John eats his scroll
11 - two witnesses prophesy, are killed by the beast, resurrected and ascend to God. The 7th trumpet sounds, kingdom victory is declared, and the ark appears in the heavenly temple.

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