Revelation 13-18

12 - a dragon tries to destroy the woman (church) and her Child (Christ), but He ascends to heaven. War in heaven between angels and dragon, who is thrown down to earth where he makes war against us, the church.

13 - beasts from sea and land get all people to worship them and kill the saints who don't.

14 - God's pure people; 3 woes on the ungodly who fall and are judged; the earth harvested at the end of time.

15 - 7 angels with bowls full of plagues come from the temple to smite the earth, while the saints sing anew song of Moses.

16 - 7 plagues come, like in Egypt, on unbelievers who don't repent.

17 - The great prostitute, Babylon, the city that rules the world [Rome], sits on a beast with heads (successive rulers of the city), drunk with the blood of saints and getting others drunk with her sins.
18 - Babylon is declared fallen, saints called out of her, merchants and kings lament their loss of delicacies and sins.

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