1 Timothy

1 - Paul to Timothy: stay in Ephesus and reject heresy and speculation. Christ came to save sinners, and I was the worst. Fight the good fight.

2 - Pray for rulers, that we have peace. God wants all saved through the one mediator, Jesus. Men should pray and not quarrel. Women should be modest and verbally reserved.

3 - The kind of men elders and deacons should be in God's house: sober and controlled.

4 - Expect false teaching and oppose it: abstinence from marriage and certain foods rejects gifts God has given. Train yourself in godliness; be an example, though young; read the Word publicly.

5 - Make sure widows don't have family to care for them before the church supports them. Treat elders well, and fairly

6 - oppose those craving controversy for their own gain. Show them the contentment of godliness. Guard the faith entrusted to you.

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