2 Corinthians 10-13

10 - We don't minister to you with worldly methods, comparing ourselves to others, speaking powerfully or beautifully. We minister to you in the Spirit, destroying arguments and building you up. We aren't trying to take credit for things we didn't do (though we planted the Gospel among you). We mean to go beyond your land with Gospel, not take credit for what others have done among you.

11 - Paul descends to their level and compares himself with others who are claiming equal authority with him. They are false apostles preaching another gospel, even if they speak better than he does, or charge a higher speaking fee. He is as much a Hebrew and has suffered more than they. But he boasts in his weakness, not his strength.

12 - Paul knows of sensational visions, too, but only boasts in his weaknesses. Some speak against Paul that he exploited them. But how? He has been seeking their good, in Christ, always, spending and being spent for their souls.

13 - I am coming soon, and will use my authority with Christ's resurrection power for your good. Restore, comfort and love each other.

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