1 - blessed be God who chose us to be adopted, holy in the Son's redemption, sealed by the Spirit. I thank God for you and ask him too give you wisdom to know your inheritance and power at work for you.

2 - God made us alive in Christ when we were dead in sin, by grace not by our works. Jesus made peace at the cross between God and man, removing Jew/Gentile distinctions.

3 - The mystery of the gospel - gentile inclusion in God's people. Paul prays that Christ may dwell in their hearts and that they may know His great love.

4 - walk as you were called, in one faith. God has given various gifts to bring His people to maturity. Put off the old man of sensuality, lying, bitterness and anger; put on forgiveness.

5 - walk in love and light, not in fruitless deeds of dark sin, but filled with the Zpirit. Instructions on household and work relationships.

6 - Use all God's armor to fight Satan and sin. Pray for us, too.

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