1 John

1 - We proclaim to you what we have seen and touched: Jesus. God is light; Jesus' blood cleanses from our sin.

2 - We know Jesus if we keep His commands; love your brother, not the world. Antichrists have gone out from us denying the Son; abide in the Son.

3 - God loved us and made us His children. We are being purified as we hope to see Him. Continuing in sin shows you are not of God. Jesus came to destroy Satan's works. We know we are of God when we love our brother

4 - False prophets deny Jesus has come in the flesh. God is love, so He sent His Son to save the world.

5 - Those who love God love the brethren and overcome the world by faith. Spirit, water and blood testify to the Son. I write so you know you have eternal life, believing in the Son.

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