Revelation 19-22

19 - Rejoicing in heaven over Babylon's fall and the invitation to the glorious marriage supper of the Lamb. Christ goes forth to subdue the nations by His Word/sword. Invitation to eat the flesh of the conquered.

20 - Satan bound 1000 years; martyrs raised to reign; Satan released and rages, but defeated. All are judged by their works, and those in the book of life are spared from the lake of fire.

21 - The bride comes down from heaven; restoration and our child-of-God status declared.The city: safe with walls and no night, pure and beautiful with jeweled foundations, close to God so no temple is needed.

22 - the city has a river from the throne, and the tree of life which heals the nations spans the river. Jesus is coming soon to right all wrongs. Come to Him now.

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