1 - we give thanks for your faith and fruit in Christ, asking God to give you wisdom and strength to endure, since He has saved you from darkness into the bright kingdom of His Son, who is the image and fullness of God, reconciling all things (which were made through Him in the first place) back to God at the cross. Paul suffers for the church.

2 - The mystery and wisdom of God is Christ. God's fullness is in Him bodily. You are circumcised in baptism, united in his death and resurrection, where He triumphed over all other "powers." So dont submit to manmade regulations.

3 - look up to heaven, where your life is hid in Christ. Put off sin. Put on love, peace and the Word of God. Wife submit to husband. Husband be loving and gentle. Employee, work as if for God, for that is the case.

4 - Pray for an open door for the gospel among us. Speak with seasoned grace to outsiders. Greeting from those with Paul.

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