1 - John sees a vision of the all powerful Jesus on the Lord's Day.
1 - He tells John to write what he says and give it to the seven churches.
2 - Ephesus lost it's first love but hates error
2 - Smyrna will suffer more than just slander. Be faithful.
2 - Pergamum has some who hold error. Repent.
2 - Thystira tolerates Jezebel. Throw her out, or Jesus will when He comes
3 - Sardis needs to wake up before she dies. Some there are worthy
3 - Philadelphia has an open door to hold fast to Christ
3 - Laodicea thinks it's independent, but needs what Jesus has
4 - John sees a throne and One on it like a jewel.
4 - Around it are lamps, elders, living creatures all worshiping Him.
5 - a Lamb appears, who alone can take and open the scroll. All worship Him

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